LearnTrends 2009

I’ll again be on the team of  “sharers” for the LearnTrends 2009 online event hosted by Tony Karrer, Jay Cross and George Siemens. This time I’ll be dialing in from Australia (I’ll put that schedule up next!). I hope I remember to set my alarm clock!!! Here is the info about the bit I’m doing with John Smith (one of my co-authors and co-conspiritors)

E-learning outside the training box

E-learning outside the training box with Nancy White and John Smith Once you’ve mastered enough of the new social media tools, training and development professionals are figuring out that technologies can change the boundaries around training itself, just as they can interrupt organizational boundaries. We offer two cases that illustrate the benefits and opportunities of these changed boundaries.

In one, Nancy White talks about triangulating internal training and capacity building with external actors who part of the training and who validate it; that leads to more connections between people and has gained manager support.

In the other, John Smith talks about a workshop that brings social activities into the center of the training experience, investing time in making the social connections a lasting and practical resource. We use the polarities that are developed in Digital Habitats to tie these examples together and give you design ideas for program development.

Check the rest of the schedule – lots of cool topics and people! And it’s FREE!