Laura Fitton’s Twitter Recipe Sharing

Flickr CC photo from MollyCakesWho asked if Twitter had any value? Well, I just got a yummy sounding recipe via Twitter from the famous Pistachio… in two tweets. Now that is something useful on a Saturday night as I nurse my back (which went out while spreading cacao husks to mulch my garden. What karma!)

Laura Fitton Pistachio on Twitter
# Last 2 tweets are sweet potato spaetzle recipe for @NancyWhite. Amounts are wild-a$$-guesses. I never measure.

in reply to NancyWhite# Drop tiny bits of thick batter/ sticky dough into boiling water. Scoop with slotted spoon when it floats. Drain. Sautee in butter/meatballs.

# Nuke sweet potato thoroughly. Whip with 3T butter, 1/3 c water, salt, lots of pepper & 3 eggs. Stir in ww and white flour for sticky dough.

If the Mole chile that is cooking in the crock pot comes out, maybe I’ll have to share that recipe.

So what does this have to do with this blog?

Reciprocity, baby, reciprocity.

Photo Credit: Mollycakes on Flickr