Trend Questions: More Synchronous Online Interaction?

Flickr Creative Commons image from James Cridland
Flickr Creative Commons image from James Cridland

I love working asynchronously in text. I can read and write quickly so it suits me. But it sure doesn’t suit everyone. One trend I’m noticing with my clients is a preference for synchronous online interactions, from quick Skype calls to organized web meetings using tools that allow desktop sharing, white boards and even video. (I have to say, for one who has a lot of meetings at 6am in the morning, I’m NOT a fan of video at that time of day!)

Even across diverse time zones, there is more synchronous. Even Twitter – which can sit both in a synch and asynch place, keeps us in that “in the moment” mode.

What are you seeing in your online life? More synchronous? Less? The same? What synchronous tools are popular in your communities and networks?

One thought on “Trend Questions: More Synchronous Online Interaction?”

  1. I agree – I’m usually better in an asynchronous mode. I think a lot of people are learning and we need to find the right mix for the right job.

    Different combinations of people seem to have different needs for the same task. So Steve and Mary might do very well with email, while Steve and John work better with live video/shared screens etc. When there is a lot of choice the real trick is to find the best tool for the job and, more perhaps more important, for the people involved.

    Yes – I’ve had quite a few early bird special video conferences with people in Europe. Nothing like getting up at 4AM and throwing something on as to not frighten the people on the other end.

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