My Old Online Facilitation Workshop Materials

onfaccurricwordleThis curriculum and materials have not been updated in many years, but they are still a valuable resource that emerges from not only my work, but that of my teachers, Lisa Kimball, Howard Rheingold, Michele Paradise and many, many others. In a way, they are a glimpse back into the early days of the practice of online facilitation.

I have removed the original copyright designation and it is now available as a creative commons, non-profit, share alike resource. Enjoy and improve upon it, as so many others, like Tony Carr at University of Cape Town and Brad Beach of CentralĀ  Gippsland TAFE have already done!

Online Facilitation Course Curriculum RevĀ  Aug 2002

14 thoughts on “My Old Online Facilitation Workshop Materials”

  1. Thank you Nancy – you’ve inspired me to learn deeper into facilitation and especially online facilitation for quite some time. This is an especially treasured gift!

  2. Thanks Nancy.. would you be open to a discussion on the Non Commercial? I ask, not having looked at the resources, but because I hope that Sarah will pick them up and use them in Wikiversity (with full attribution of course). But the NC presents difficulties, as Wikiversity is SA only. Would I be going too far in suggesting that the resources and your work in them have more to gain through the reuse and attribution in the Wikiversity course, than the prevention of any commercially based activity using those resources? My personal hope is that you, Sarah and others be given the opportunity to generate income through the Wikiversity course. in a variety of ways..

  3. Leigh, I’d actually be open to anything. These materials lose value when they are stuck away and are not updated and improved upon. I keep thinking I’ll do that, but you know how it is — you work on your own stuff last! Always working on client work. So I’m open to suggestions!

  4. Cool. My main suggestions are to remove the nc restrictions and if you have time, communicate with Sarah on how best to incorporate your content into the wikiversity course. Likely that the course will need to be incorporated into your content. Feedback on the course has been for more theory on community and facilitation. And to perhaps break it into 2 short courses of theory and then practice. Would be nice to work up a textbook on wikibooks too. Selling print versions through Lulu.

  5. Nancy, this report/material is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I will put a link up to it on our site. We are a collection of Editors, Knowledge Workers, Meeting Managers, Trainers, Designers and Facilitators. We share the best processes, experience and methodologies, along with the latest in social technology, to inspire a better way to work.

    If you would ever be interested in guest blogging to our community, we love having people that deliver similar types of work share their realities/experiences!

  6. Nancy, I just discovered that you’ve posted your original materials here online and I’m delighted!! I’m about to run a project-based-learning event to train women business owners to use synchronous virtual meeting tools in their businesses and there’s so much I’m going to be sharing that came from my learning with you way back in ’01. I would love to be able to point them in the direction of this file and use your Purpose Worksheet with them at various points during the training. I know you’re insanely busy but I also don’t want to just move forward with this without your permission. I will be charging for this training. If you’re not comfortable with me sharing and using it as part of the study with small business women, please let me know. I always, always, always think of you…it’s your fault I’m doing the work I’m doing these days from down here in rural Oregon. Would love to connect face-to-face when our paths can cross…and you’re a flying fool, girlfriend. My LinkedIn keeps me informed about that…

    1. As long as you give credit, Meri, I’m happy. I know you will “pay it forward” someplace else! Waving. I’m going to try and stay put much of the early spring. Haha!

  7. I credit you with something at least once a week, Nancy. Every week! Hopefully I’ll be able to start a little ground swell among small business/solopreneur women that will help carry them – and the rest of us – forward in this crazy economy. Something’s got to give! Until people really understand how to use VMs, they can’t really make more “sustainable” or “balanced” choices about work. At least that’s how it looks to me…

    Ciao! And hope to see you some time in person in 2010!

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