Journalism That Matters Pacific NW Conference

Yesterday through Sunday I’m at the Journalism that Matters Conference, the Pacific Northwest (USA) gathering to “re-imagine news and community in the Pacific Northwest.” So far yesterday 200 of us started to get to know each other in small conversational groups, browsed the work of various media and information groups and organizations (the new Northwest News Ecosystem,) and then more conversations into the evening. Alas, I had to leave in the afternoon as I’m still not 100% after the flu (ick) so I went home to conserve energy for the Open Space sessions today.

It was very interesting to see where people were coming from via an activity called “the wind blows for…” Fewer journalist that I expected, very few working in mainstream media today, but many who used to. Many community activists. Some students. Lots of passion!

The first conversations yesterday were about why we were there and what best possible outcome we might expect. I am not a journalist. I used to work in TV and radio, but not as a journalist. So why did I choose to go?

At least two reasons I’m conscious of and probably more that haven’t raised their little heads yet! First, I sense that how we discover, share and make meaning of our world is critical to our moving forward positively in that world. Right now our media universe is not only changing, but there are some strengths and assets that need visibility and support, and some weaknesses we, as citizens, might not want to support. What role do I have in that? I hope to learn more.

The second, at really the initial reason was because two of the organizers are good friends and I admire their work. So I came to learn from the event itself.

I hope to Tweet and post about it over the weekend, energy allowing. Tweet me at if there is anything you want me to explore for you.

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