Collaborative Creation: This Is Me – Librarian Draft

This Is me logoAre you interested in Digital Identity? Do you know about the This Is Me project?  It is an ongoing project out of Odin Labs at Reading University in the UK that offers activities and worksheets for people to understand the role and implications of digital identity and explore their own digital identity.

In the past I created a version for people working in international non governmental organizations (NGOs) and now I’m working on one for librarians. The problem is, I’m not a librarian. I could really use some help. Can  you take a look and offer edits, feedback, contexts and help improve it ? You can find the collaborative draf here:

This Is Me – Librarian Draft – Google Docs.

If you’d like editing privileges, just let me know.


4 thoughts on “Collaborative Creation: This Is Me – Librarian Draft”

  1. I’m not sure if you know about Jenny Luca’s blog “Lucacept”. She’s a librarian and has a strong following of school librarians worldwide (she’s out of Australia) Interestingly enough, she just had a post about trying to promote collective intelligence.

    1. Virginia, first a thank you to you personally. You are such a thoughtful and consistent commentor, always adding value. I really appreciate that.

      Second, I’m off to read Jenny’s blog. I’m hoping that once I start working with this particular group of librarians, they will take ownership of the scaffolding I’m building and turn it into their building. But I want to make sure my foundations are solid! Thanks!

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