Digital Habitats on April 5 Yi-Tan Tech Call

Host with the most, Jerry Michalski, convenes a weekly 45 minute telecon that delves into interesting subjects and discussed with fascinating people. This coming week Etienne, John and I are the guests. Here is the information – please JOIN US!

Digital Habitats
Yi-Tan Weekly Tech Call #274
Monday, April 5, 2010

Do you need a technology steward? Are you one already?

Etienne Wenger, Nancy White and John D Smith are black belts in social learning and online community formation (as well as longtime friends of ours). Their new book, Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities, focuses on how communities and technology intersect, with practical advice for the stewards — the people with enough experience in the workings of a community to understand its technology needs, and enough experience with technology to take leadership in addressing those needs.

If you are a member of a community (who isn’t?) and you’ve made use of a mailing list, wiki, web conferencing system, Skype call or other collaboration tool, you’re probably curious already.

With Etienne, Nancy and John, let’s discuss:

  • How has technology changed what it means for communities to “be together”?
  • What is the role of a technology steward? the key skills? the new terms of art?
  • Where can we see these stewards in action? How can we learn these skills?

There’s also a site for their new book, here.

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Date:    Monday, April 5, 2010

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