Graphic Facilitator Peer Coaching

A group of us are starting on a new adventure to nurture a community of practice around our graphic recording and graphic facilitation work. We get to see each other at MOST one time a year (as most members are part of the UN University in Bonn, Germany), so we are working to invent ways to nurture the CoP at a distance.

So far we have monthly telecons where we talk about upcoming and past work, but we wanted to do more interaction around the images we are creating. We Skyped and shared files, but that is a bit awkward. We are setting up a blog and so now we are thinking about where to host and discuss images: Flickr? On the Blog?

As an experiment, I’m embedding an image from quite a while ago that we did to do a little test for providing feedback on a specific image.

This image was compiled over a multi-day meeting, with most of it created on the first day when we did some visioning exercise. Some of my post recording thoughts on in include:

  • What started out being binoculars turned into a creature. A bit Weird.
  • The colors are light – I think some use of black in the text would have increased readability.
  • I liked the “start” mandala… this sort of mind map works well with things like vision which has a center and clearly linked parts.
  • The edge-of-star writing is hard to read.

Now, I’m going to invite my fellow community members to stop by and use the comments to add their thoughts to this test. Please, feel free to join in. If you have an image to share, let’s talk!