Monday Video – Cognitive Bias VideoSong

YouTube – Cognitive Bias VideoSong. Brilliant! Thanks to Irene Guijt for pointing it out!

This video by Mr. Wray, hits the winner bell on two fronts. First, it is a great overview on cognitive bias and second, it is in the form of a song. This brings me back to university days where the only way I could hold all the organic chemistry details I needed for an exam was to put them to a song. I’d sit in the back of the exam room (as a “w” that was easy) and quietly hum to myself. Crazy, but it worked for me. Enjoy and thank you, Mr. Wray! Your Advanced Placement high school students are lucky to have you. (And the rest of your vids are also pretty cool!)

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  1. Hi Nancy, can I ask a completely unrelated question…are you presenting a free session on Elluminate for LearnCentral some time this month about online communities and facilitation? I thought I saw you down in a program some where but I cannot see it for love nor money. cheers Sarah

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