Connected, Distracted, and Waving

It is 6am in Cape Town, South Africa, where I am typing in the dark, with the glow of my little laptop, preparing for two workshops today at the University of Cape Town. My amazing host, Tony Carr, invited over a few friends and colleagues for dinner last night. They inspired me to rethink today’s workshops, so I’m up early to prepare. I had to grab a link from my blog and realized that I had ignored it lately (last post: May 3) so it felt worth a quick “check in.”

A week and a half ago I spent a fantastic four days in Vancouver BC for the BC Campus/SCoPE “Online Community Enthusiasts” gathering (#OCE2010) and then my beloved NorthernVoice 2010. I hung out with old and new friends, did a fun little workshop, and then hopped the train back south to Seattle, spent a day at home only to turn around and head to South Africa. (Contextual photos here.)

Here I have given talks, facilitated workshops on Community Technology Stewardship at CSIR on Pretoria, the workshops here in Cape Town and then I’ll be on to Durban for the IST Conference.

Yes, I should link to all these people and events, but I had this urge to simply connect, confess my distraction and wave. So here I am, waving to you!