Many Voices

I have about a half billion partially edited blog posts. But life has changed a lot for me since becoming a grandmother and now having the honor of spending afternoons with my grandbaby and I have not prioritized writing. I actually have more time for reflection on walks, while laying on the floor with the baby and such. But now work consumes the mornings, with the tyranny of the to do list.

I still take “breaks” by looking at my Twitter feed and came across this very useful article, 3 Unique ways to record, edit, and publish your audio :: 10,000 Words :: where journalism and technology meet. There are a bunch of projects where people will be doing short audios and videos and I appreciate useful posts like this one.

Then, at the bottom, there was an embedded YouTube video that struck me to the core and actually reassured me that my silence is fine. There is a lot of great stuff filling the electrons. Take a look at this.

The blog post author, Mark S. Luckie (what a GREAT name!) , wrote:

If you’re looking for inspiration for your collaborative audio projects, check out the video below of a choral piece constructed from 250 individual performances. For this unique project, each person seen in the clip submitted a video of themselves voicing a part of the composition “Lux Aurumque,” composed by Eric Whitacre. The individual videos were then edited together and the stunning result was uploaded to YouTube.

Collaboration and crowdsourcing… the future of audio is here.

In our networked world, we have many voices. We don’t all have to ‘talk’ at the same time. But look what happens when we sing “together!”

Many voices. Powerful. Thanks, Mark, for bringing this into my life today. I experienced something beautiful and was also able to let go of the “non blogging” nagging, guilt!

P.S. See also this terrific post by Mark which puts a great reframe on Personal Branding.

P.S.S. Another great collaborative song video