Inertia, Introductions, Chicken Poop and DS106

Jim Groom has launched an open learning experience (pick your jargony name as appropriate) on digital storytelling this week and I really want to play. The first suggested assignement is creating and posting a short intro video. Argh,  I really don’t have time. I am really procrastinating, giving into the inertia of “well, if I don’t do it well enough, I won’t do it at all.”

To whinge a bit more, the fact is, the video is just a bit of the assignment. I’m supposed to fiddle and fidget with my blog infrastructure. Been there, done that and no, I don’t want my Twitter feed on the blog. Enough echoes, eh? I guess I’ll just have to find my appropriate level of resistance and rebellion, which is naturally triggered by Jim, um, ah, um, The Reverend and Performance Artist of the World (or something like that!) 🙂


After seeing Brian Lamb’s, I felt fearless. For at least four clucking minutes.

This is the assignment:

By way of introduction tell us all a story about something that happened to you recently. It can be video, audio images, good old text, or any other tool you like. If you like restrictions, try and tell it quick (no more than 30 seconds in terms of audio or video—-extrapolate out from there for the other media).

via DS106 week 1: Introductions, webhosts, and a domain of your own « bavatuesdays.

There is a ton of material on the net about my digital life. So I picked something very local, very physical. So here is my intro video – giving a slice of my geo-life that most people don’t see. And of course, I failed the 30 second challenge. Lazy? Ya, you betcha.

16 thoughts on “Inertia, Introductions, Chicken Poop and DS106”

  1. The credit for names is all my family and neighbors. I’m a name wuss.

    Re eggs: We had long talks about egg colors when Oreo was a chick. Talk therapy. (Actually, Marons are known for their chocolate brown eggs. That’s why we picked that breed! Heh!)

  2. I love this–meeting the girls in their divine set-up–seeing your garden hoops (will ya fix that, for gosh sake?!), all in the name of a digital storytelling class intro for the Wild Man Himself. I’m almost tempted to participate…


    1. yes, I will FIX the hoops today. And harvest some of the greens. The only real challenge has been that the slugs love living in warm comfy hoopland and reject the beer treats I offer to lure them off of the spicy greens that are growing. Sigh.

  3. Your posting reminds me of my students. I often give them very broad instructions and like to see how each interprets those instructions. I noticed that the directions did not limit your story telling to a video. Why not audio? Why not a drawing? Why not a prezi or flickr presentation?

    They often get upset with me because they’ll complain, but you didn’t tell me I could…

  4. Virginia – I have a confession to make. Video was the easiest and I also did it a pretty lazy way. I just hit “record” and walked downstairs. I needed freedom this week in a different way — from over analyzing. 🙂 I really did think about drawing my story and I could not summons the energy. I even made the “girls” be the “storytellers” in some ways! 🙂

  5. Performance artist of North America, and so cool to see you playing along and talking about poop. Now what is up with the chickens, my wife wants to get chickens and my kids want chickens but I’m from freaking NYC, NO CHICKENS, damn it, NO CHICKENS!!!!

    I mean I’ll do pigeons, but no chickens.

    1. Hey, da chickens – dey copacetic, ye olde Performance Artist of North America! I hope to engage more w/ ds106! Thanks for the open opportunity. I’ve been pondering Gardner’s talk. I am struggling a bit as I’m outside of the academic/teaching context so I have to translate it into new language!

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