Goodbye Sweet Dad

William (Bill) A. Wright

Born January 26, 1929 in San Leandro, CA; died peacefully March 24, 2011 after a short illness. Survived by Dolores, his loving wife of 58 years; his children, Randy Wright (Linda), Mary Frances Wright (Lee Bartholomew), and Nancy White (Larry); his grandchildren, Christopher (JennyLee Lieseke), Alexander, John, Ayala, and Caleb; his great-granddaughter, Staley; and his brother, James Wright (Bev).

I was thrilled when Mom and Dad moved to Seattle in 2009. They were geographically close to my family for the first time since I left home to go to college. My kids and my grandbaby could have them in their lives. All of us…

Dad really became an honorary Seattleite upon moving to the Mirabella community. He learned the transit system. He visited sites all around the city and made friends with every person he met at Mirabella. His warmth and friendliness endeared him to everyone. It has been a great comfort to see the Mirabellians rallying around Mom and sharing how much they loved and appreciated Dad.

Funeral Mass will celebrated Monday, April 4th at 10 AM at St. Josephs Catholic Church, 732 18th Ave E, Seattle, 98112.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Project Linus San Jose Chapter, 11061 S. Stelling Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014. Please note on any checks that this is in honor of Bill Wright.


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  1. Dear Nancy,

    Bentley and I are so sorry for your family’s loss. Please know that you will be in our thoughts. We enjoyed seeing the pictures of your Dad at different times in his life. He projects a gentle, humorous countenance. I am sure that his sphere of influence was very broad and deep and constructive, much like his daughter, Nancy, whom we know, respect, and adore. Thank you for bringing us into your circle.


  2. Nancy –

    Please accept my sympathy in this time of loss. All the best to you and family as you both share your grief, and celebrate a life.

    Look forward to catching up with you when you are next able to make it over here.

    – Keith

  3. Dear Nancy, what a beautiful post! By the much love and care you have put into it, I am sure all of your memories, and those of your family, about your dad will be remembered for a long while! Treasure and cherish them dearly! I surely agree with Jack about how wonderful the photo montage about him is. A great sign of true love and affection that will last for a long long time!

    My deepest condolences, Nancy, to you and your loved ones! Time to rejoice on what he has left behind and treasure those precious moments! Hang in there! Please *do* let us know if there is anything that we can do to help out, even if remote! 🙂

    Take good care of your yourself and of your loved family!

  4. I have tears in my eyes reading this post and want to send you some virtual hugs. I feel for your loss.

    I met your Dad back in 2006 when he picked me up from the airport in SJ when I stayed at your place for BlogHer. He was so sweet to do that – he gave me a little tour of SJ. I also remember that we borrowed their car to attend the evening event. Give a special hug to your Mom too.

  5. Big hugs Nancy, thinking of you and your family. Thank you for sharing the warmth and love you have for him. Though he is no longer with you in person, those beautiful memories keep him close.

  6. Dear Nancy,
    I recognize the warm, joyful smile that you obviously share with your dad. What a gift.

    Hugs to you and your family,


  7. Dear Nancy,

    We love the piece you put together for your Dad. It was perfect as he was such a sweet man. He was a sweet teenager when I first met him, and he seemed to radiate
    kindness and consideration for everyone all his life. He was a “love”.

    Jim and I hate to miss his service, but the doctor told me today that it would not be wise for Jim to make the trip.

    We are worried about his hip being so stiff, and the Prostate doctor thinks it is too soon from that operation.

    We will be there with you, Delores, and all the family in spirit.

    Much love, Aunt Bev

  8. Hi, Nancy… This is Shelly from Pennsylvania. I am so sorry to hear about your father’s passing. He was such a wonderful man. I am convinced that I would have packed up and left Pennsylvania had it not been for your mom and dad. They were my “rock” when I knew no one. Your dad and I worked side-by-side at Westinghouse. He was the kind, gentle mentor that a 22-year old needed most. He was a wonderful man. I love seeing his pictures that you posted. Thanks so much for doing that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom, your brother and sister.

  9. Nancy:
    I didn’t know your father…but knowing one of the children he raised and influenced, I can only assume he’s one heck of a guy. My thoughts are with you.


  10. What a heart touching tribute to him Nancy. I love the photos and I see his face in yours. My condolances.

  11. Dear Nancy,

    Deepest condolences to you and your family. You’ve made such a wonderful website for your dad. So sorry for your loss.

    Susie & Leo

  12. I’m thinking of you, Nancy, as you and your family journey through this time of loss and finding your dad in new ways through memory. Big hugs to you from Vermont. xoxoxo

  13. Wow! What a great story of love for your father and community. Students are excellent supports when we speak the truth.

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