Learning With Ivan Brunetti

Learn through seeing. Learn through doing. Obvious, but so easy to forget.

I’m still in serious work-avoidance mode for things that require the analytical part of my brain. Mostly I’m thinking about two graphic facilitation workshops I’ll be hosting in May (Pretoria, South Africa) and July (Rossland, BC) so I’m tapping into the fertile ideas of my network.

Via Facebook I learned it was Dave Gray’s birthday (hold all comments about birthdays in the social media era!), and of course I then visited his XPlane blog for visual goodness and found a post about a visual thinking practice session he held recently on building characters. Without words. Yeah!  (Visuals at VTS Flickr Set) The group used an exercise from Ivan Brunetti shown in the YouTube video below.Simple. Elegant and I bet, effective (I am going to try it, but thought I’d get the blog post out first!)

I was particularly taken by the sequence Ivan suggested. Get the visual core, then build the context. I would not have thought about that order, but now that I’ve SEEN it, it makes total sense.

via YouTube – Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice, by Ivan Brunetti.

You can buy the book here.