Apr 29 2011

Victoria Social Media Camp With Rob Cottingham

At a past NorthernVoice (2009), Rob Cottingham and I went “without a net” doing a live comedy/socialmedia/graphic recording mashup. It was crazy, exhilarating and “teh funny.” We did not plan it. I really had no idea what would happen. Well Rob and I are pairing up again at this year’s Social Media Camp in Victoria BC on June 3-4. And I have no idea what will happen, but I trust it will be ENERGETIC!

To give a sense of what the past brought, check out…

The question this time is what do we do? Rob suggests we actually switch off the talking and drawing, which sounds fabulous, challenging and fun. What would you suggest we do?

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One Response to “Victoria Social Media Camp With Rob Cottingham”

  1. Chris Burdgeon 29 Apr 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Nancy – I am so looking forward to hearing / seeing you and Rob. Not that you need much creative inspiration, but since you asked here are a few thoughts:

    – I recently saw “The Social Network” – that’s a lot of fodder
    – a compilation of the day’s events, talks that you are able to take in
    – the geo-location mania around Foursquare, etc…
    – Groupon. Meh!
    – Charlie what’s his name, or the celeb Twitter rehab…

    Whatever you decide I’m sure it’ll be whacked…

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