Finding Process Ideas From Our Networks

This linked set of tweets tells the story about why we don’t have to k now all the different processes we can use in groups, in our work. (This is also a nice Twitter Story which I can point to when we are talking aboutNetworks at CSIR in Pretoria next week!)

We need to focus not on encyclopedic knowledge, but to know

1) how to learn and practice new processes,

2) how to ask the right questions to select processes (alone and with others) and,

3) to tap the wider knowledge of our networks to identify our options.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Process Ideas From Our Networks”

  1. I’m going to post my current research findings in the next two days and they relate to your post. Two additional areas that this series of posts point to is that you need to understand others knowledge networks and you need to be able to identify those within your network that can access and TRANSLATE knowledge from their networks so you can access what they know. I found that the most important people in the group I studied were those that were able to access others knowledge networks when needed (they knew who to go to when they needed information outside of their own expertise) and they were able to translate knowledge they learned from their own contacts into a form that those within their group could use even if they did not have the expertise themselves.

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