May 16 2011

Collecting Graphic Recording/Facilitation Icon Ideas

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I preset this blog post in advance, as I’m on the road again… just when my greens are finally growing in the garden. Timing is everything. I’m off to Pretoria, South Africa and Dar es Salaam Tanzania (with a weekend stop in exotic Zanzibar!) One of the workshops I’m facilitating in S.A. is on graphic facilitation and I’ll be doing the graphic work in Dar. In July and October I’m co-facilitating two more longer form graphic facilitating workshops, sSo it felt like time to show you a little project I’m working on.

Graphic Recording and Facilitation Icon Ideas – Nancy White – Picasa Web Albums.

Now there are a ton of sources out there for icons. Drawing books. Children’s books. Cartoons. Google images. But I realized I needed to PRACTICE and think about the process of drawing icons myself to better encourage that practice with colleagues. So I took a big bite of bravery chocolate, picked up my pens and started creating my own practice book. But instead of keeping it on paper, I’m sharing it online. I usually use Flickr, but frankly Picassa was feeling like a good choice this time.

Do your have a visual practice book you can share? Want to add images to this one?

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  1. […] being able to draw with just a few strokes. I need a ton of practice in this area, and have started compiling my own “icon” book – basically looking at others’ icons and practicing drawing them […]

  2. Nancy Whiteon 24 Jun 2011 at 3:36 pm

    FYI Susan Stewart has agreed to share her icons on the page — if you want to add yours, just let me know!

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