Building Our Drawing Confidence

I have been running more graphic facilitation workshops and everyone asks me how to draw icons. Icon drawing comes from both having both a visual vocabulary in one’s head/practice, and being able to draw with just a few strokes. I need a ton of practice in this area, and have started compiling my own “icon” book – basically looking at others’ icons and practicing drawing them myself.

Today via DroolyDog I ran into some slide decks from Betsy Streeter that I found really easy and useful. (I tried to embed them, but today something is amiss, so you’ll have to just follow the links.)

via Draw Faces Your Own Way.

Here is another on “Drawing Nothing”. !!

visual introduction with one solid lineMy goal is to do some practice EVERY DAY. Wanna hold me to it? Ask me about it whenever you see me. A little pressure never hurt. But I promise to remain a model of “the person who can’t draw who can do this graphic stuff” — we can all create beauty in our own way!

Here is a yesterday’s practice piece – a visual self introduction. This was my second version. I decided I wanted something with SOME sort of cohesion and chalk coloring in the first version didn’t do it for me. So I decided to do a “one line” drawing. This is essentially keeping your pen on the paper the whole time. Then I went back and colored in. I liked this version better and shared it as part of my work in the AlphaChimp Studio’s online “Graphic Rockstars” workshop.

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  1. Maybe you should come up with a Daily Draw system- like Dailyshoot for photos, tweet a drawing assignment that people take on as a challenge, e.g. “Draw an icon the represents collaboration” “sketch a drawing thrat illustrates using social media”

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