Brilliant Conference Lunch Idea

This is brilliant from TEDX Edmonton. Green. Social. Creative. I’m going to steal- um- borrow this idea! Thanks for blogging about it, Mack Male!

Lunch was next on the schedule and as with the rest of TEDxEdmonton it was anything but ordinary. Instead of individual lunches, groups of five or six people were given a wooden box filled with sandwiches, salads, drinks, and treats and were encouraged to eat together. Most groups ended up outside where the sun was shining and the streets were packed for the Edmonton Pride Parade. It was great to see discussions happening all over the place. Kudos to Elm Café andDuchess Bake Shop for the delicious food and the creative presentation!

via Recap: TEDxEdmonton 2011 – MasterMaq’s Blog.

Photos from MasterMaq on Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Brilliant Conference Lunch Idea”

  1. Fabulous idea, Nancy! Thanks for passing it along! Now how can we translate that to our online work???

  2. One of my favorite conferences tends to have about 50% new people every year. People are encouraged to prepare their food together in groups of six. Little kits with components of the meal – bread in one, fruit in another, and so on – are given out and people are randomly assigned colors that establish the groups. The assembly and lunch is outside if the weather is good. It is incredibly successful.

    The other feature of this conference is that powerpoint and notes are not allowed. You can use a white board if you want, but the point is you must know your material and engage the audience. Last year photos and videos were allowed, but the videos had to be under one minute. We’re still experimenting, but it is a very refreshing event.

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