#Change11 My MOOC week is here…

…and I’m not really ready!

Can one every be ready for change? I don’t think it is so much ready for change, but living in a way that embraces the fact that change is already happening. Or perhaps this is self justification for my lack of preparation as the host or whatever of the Change: Education, Learning and Technology

As I wrote quite a while back in Preparing for my MOOC Contribution , I would not focus on a particular piece of writing. I’m interested in BEING in change. That act of being aware of, engaging in and reflecting on change. In this case, it is about change in education, learning and technology, but I still think I’ll frame this as about US, about practitioners, rather than on those more abstract things of “education, learning and technology.”

We are kicking things off on Monday with Dave Cormier hosting me at 9am US Pacific on the live platform (Dave, I need a URL please! EDIT: here’s the URL http://t.co/SM9BFhnA) where we’ll draw together on the whiteboard a bit and explore. Explore what? Good question. Here are the things on my mind:

  • Multiplicity of groups… how do we work creatively with multimembership? What is the role of the transversal?
  • Social artists via Etienne Wenger’s definition. (I have a little slide with that which I need to get online ASAP!) One thing I was thinking was to raise the idea of social artists, then ask people to go find stories about social artists in their learning life and share them with the double tag, #change11 and #socialartist
  • Why small things matter.

I know… these are all over the place. But face it, I’ve been all over the place lately, so lets just roll with it, right?

Then at 1pm Pacific time @giuliaforsythe is hosting a Google+ meetup.

So jump on in and join us!

6 thoughts on “#Change11 My MOOC week is here…”

  1. Nancy, my goal for our informal chat was to help you prepare (that, and I’d love to chat with you!).

    But you are presenting well before I thought.

    I fear I won’t be that helpful BUT I still would love to chat with you.

    If you want to chat sooner (hmmm, like now?) we can do that. Otherwise I know you’ll do fantastic tomorrow at the session. Dave C mentioned you are super busy this week, so I’ll understand if a mooc-chat with me is too much for your schedule.

    Let me know your thoughts!


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