Today’s before and after #Change11 MOOC Slides

I’m working on getting the chat – which was SUPER rich, but in the mean time, here are the “before and after” slides of our conversation for #Change11. We used the white board a lot!

It was really a stream of consciousness hour — not a presentation at all, where we played around with change (what, who), multiple-membership (the heaven and hell of many places/people to learn with and from) and the roles of “social artist” and “transversal.”

I confess full blown jet lag non-linearity. When I have the recording link, I’ll edit this post and put it in. To those present, what did you walk away with (beyond, perhaps, a headache!) 🙂

via #Change11 MOOC Session – October 31.

6 thoughts on “Today’s before and after #Change11 MOOC Slides”

  1. Nancy, #change11 I have to say that what you have assembled here leaves me wanting so much more! I was unable to participate in your session, although I had read about what you were planning. I am disappointed to have missed it but want to say that the visuals here provide such a dynamic and different perspective to learning. Addressing the process of change is so crucial and your playful yet insightful approach provides a wonderful opportunity for self reflection in a group without having to disclose too much personal stuff. I want to think about how I can use it more – for myself and with my students As a first time MOOCer I often find the whole thing overwhelming (was advised of this) and unable to keep up (advised of this too) so to be so grabbed by your activity says a lot.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Mary… thanks for your comment. You have given me yet another way to look at the …um… mess?… we shared together today. I had not thought about the perspective of self reflection without too much disclosure, but that is an amazing observation. Thank you. We scheduled a follow up session for Friday — same time. Maybe you can come? If not, lets bump into each other online!

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