Nov 01 2011

The Social Artist – DTLT Today

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Busy day yesterday with #change 11 and then a Google+ Hangout w/ @giuliaforsythe and company via DTLT Today. Episode 71: The Social Artist DTLT Today. Here is the video! More play with the idea of social artists, transversalists and the power of creating our own visuals.

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  1. […] here near the end of our week with Nancy, I struggle with her notion (or a notion she shared) about #socialartist. Even through some DM messages yesterday, somehow Nancy brought a positive spin to it. She […]

  2. […] facilitating #change11, a very massive MOOC, flew by too fast for me to blink. (See these previous posts for more background.) Between being on the road so much and the distributed nature of the […]

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