Bringing Home Beauty and Wondonga Friends

Thanks to Geoff Young (@gsyoung), the vibrant and ever perapatetic host a few weeks ago at Wondonga TAFE, my Christmas presents will soon be moving from Australia to the US.

What I love about these two paintings, beyond their beauty, is that we found them in the student gallery at Wondonga TAFE as part of an Aboriginal show. So not only will our home be blessed by their beauty, but we have the pleasure of directly showing our gratitude to the students by buying them. I can think of no finer way to spend my travel money, and more important, ongoing time and attention than to the beauty of their art. Thank you Geoff for getting them to us and send our deep gratitude to the artists.

Our two new paintings from Wondonga TAFE students.


I might add a word about Geoff. Not only is he a Tweet-Meister, but he clearly is working social media and open education magic at his TAFE. Way to go, Geoff!