Planning and Evaluating Your CoP (amplifying and other good stuff)

Today JeffJackson tweeted an embedded link to this YouTube video from the USAID KM Impact Challenge video I did with them earlier this year.  I know – I posted this already, but Jeff’s note gave it a twist. And having hung out recently with Alan (aka cogdog) Levine in Tasmania last week, I am attending to his principle that in social media, we ADD value. We don’t just retweet, rebroadcast, etc. Jeff added value.

Here’s his note: “Check out @nancywhite ‘s Full Circle Associates on Communities of Practice (CoPs). Great way to review and consider how you develop your #PLN and #AltProDev.” Wow, I had not thought about this from the perspective of a PLN (personal learning network) but it sure does work. Thanks Jeff, for helping me see another perspective.  I used the same communities of practice framework the last three weeks in my workshops in Australia about teaching and learning online. We weren’t talking about CoPs, but the framework is useful. (More on that in a subsequent post, currently in edit stage!)

For a refresher, here is the video.

Nancy White discusses various aspects of strengthening CoPs, mechanisms to measure their effectiveness and improve our understanding of how people are participating in CoPs.

To access the two items referred to in the video, please visit:

Promoting and Assessing Value Creation in Communities and Networks: a Conceptual Framework:

The Activity Spidergram

Valerie’s Amazing Thinking About Social Artists

(Note: this is a re-do of a post from this week lost due to hardware crash of my host. Sorry for the bad link at

As a followup from my week facilitating Change11, the amazing Valerie blew my mind with her video summary and synthesis of the week. No, it was much more than that. WOW. Take a look if you are interested in this idea of the social artist. Valerie, you ROCK!