Playing With Sharing Evernote Notes

(Note: this post was scheduled month ago and got hung up. Just found it today!)
Since I got my iPad, one of the apps I’ve been playing with a lot is Evernote. I can prepare and/or take notes, incorporate images, etc from a meeting then send the notes via email to participants, or even make a note public. Here is my preparation note for the Graphic facilitation workshop I led at the Rome Based ShareFair last September, along with one photo from the workshop. Graphic facilitation workshop

Here is a note snippet from Etienne Wenger’s keynote at the ShareFair. Here are very brief notes from the community case clinics Etienne and I did at the Fair.

I have used this feature mostly for sending private notes to meeting participants as what I do on the iPad is usually pretty rough. I’ve found it pretty speedy and efficient. I can always fix the spelling when I get back to my desktop, as I still make a lot of typos on the iPad’s keyboard.  I like the low profile of the iPad vs the wall that even a small netbook creates on a lap or table.

More generally, I need to think about how to best organize my Evernote notes. I’m using it to read articles I’ve saved using Instapaper and ReadLater which make it easy to collect online content to read on the pad when I’m offline. But I tend to collect more than I read. So there are some workflow issues to sort out.  I still havent’ figured out my workflow relationship between readitlater and tagging on services like delicious. So many conundrums as I evolve my technology configuration.

What new tool(s) are you playing with?

5 thoughts on “Playing With Sharing Evernote Notes”

  1. G’day Nancy,

    Similar conundrums down here in the southern hemisphere!

    I recently drew this graphic representing my own Digital Habits (yet another play on your book title!) and how I visualize the connection between the various services –

    You’ll see by this that Instapaper and Evernote feature in my own work flow. I have re-imagined Evernote as my replacement to Delicious. Just trying to get disciplined about tagging. I am finding that between the tags and the powerful ‘keyword’ search, I am able to locate things pretty efficiently – like I used to on Delicious.

    I know do “everything” in draft/rough on the iPad using Evernote. I also use a front end app called Awesome Note which is the same as using the Evernote app but with a much sleeker and more functional user interface – like the to-do function that is built in.

    Also, if you want a no frills and dead simple doodling app, with great photo annotation, Skitch is a fav of mine (Skitch was recently bought by Evernote and therefore totally integrated).

    I’ll be in your part of the world in June … staying with Chris Corrigan on Bowen 🙂

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