Getting to Graphically Record Locally for Stephanie West Allen

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Lately I’m more on the road than home. I’ve been incorporating visual methods into all my work (see here and here) but it will be fun to do some local graphico stuff. Tonight our local informal group of visual practitioners joins for conversation, snacks, and of course, drawing. Then in a week, I get to record Stephanie West Allen’s presentation at the NR Dispute Resolution conference. I’ve known Stephanie online for quite some time, and finally, face to face! (Thanks to neighbor Rina Goodman!) Here are the deets:

I spoke at this annual conference two years ago and found the people—organizers, presenters, and attendees— to be warm, curious, skillful, and farsighted. They are also a brainy gang, paying attention to neuroscience. For the second year in a row, Dr. John Medina is speaking!

I am very happy to be returning to Seattle, and look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new conflict resolution pros. Below is the description of my program. Click to see the full brochure and read the program and to register.

Exciting news: My program will be graphically recordedby Nancy White, an international leader among graphic recorders. (She’s in Zambia right now.)

My presentation:

Total-Brain Mediation: The Whole Brain and Nothing but the Truth

Presenter: Stephanie West Allen, Allen & Nichols Productions, Inc., Denver, CO
The field of conflict resolution is now filled with neuroscience myths, fiction and urban legends. We will look at what we REALLY know right now and how we can use that valid and accurate knowledge to move forward in the field. The best way to resolve conflict and to serve our clients is to make sure that we are using the complete brain, not just bits and pieces. Unfortunately much of mediation today is half-brained, at best. We neglect those parts of our brain that contain genuine, sustaining creativity and wisdom. This seminar will be mind-changing. Attendees will learn how to use the whole brain and nothing but the truth. Based on the latest in the neuroscience of learning, the seminar will be interactive, novel, fun … and maybe a bit messy.

via idealawg: Join us in Seattle May 4-5? 19th Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference.