Why Health Insurance Matters

While the quote below may look unusual, it is not. My blog is not about politics. It is not about insurance. But for years it has been, under the cover of “collaboration,” and “work,” about doing what matters, about living life to use our talents and blessings.

For some, that means working for themselves. For some it means being an artist. I’m lucky – I have a husband who has health insurance that covers us. But so many I know (even my online, “imaginary” friends) don’t. People who should retire but don’t because of a lack of insurance. Probably working themselves to death. Literally. Why? Because in my country we have a system that is set up for business, my friends, not health.

So read the paragraphy below. Follow the link back. Give a little. Hold me accountable to give. And lets figure out how we can stop people from finding that, when the bad news about health arrives, they know care is right behind them.

This is from writer Patti Digh:

While I believe that writing is my calling, it is not as secure a life choice as working in a job with benefits. And recently, that has meant not paying our $1400/month insurance premium–like so, so many other Americans. It is a broken, broken system. So John is uninsured for this journey. Dear friends are launching a fundraising page, and it will be online in a few days. If you can help in this effort by giving or sharing the information with your networks, please let Amy McCracken know at forjohnfptak@gmail.com. It is a source of shame that we are uninsured, and it is a shame we must overcome for John’s sake. It is a reality we share with so many. And my writing is a choice I would not change for anything, not even health insurance. We will figure this out because there is simply no other option. xoxo

via 37days – Home of Patti Digh.

Oh, and caring is a community indicator. For sure.


UPDATE: Here is the link to the Indigogo fundraising site for John. And some more information.