The Human Jukebox & Engaging Through Improv & Art

I have been heads-down with work, leaving my WordPress backend full of half drafted blog posts. I only seem able to get the quick ones out. This is one of those. I have been working to build both improvisation and “art” (however you want to define that  – for me it has been bringing drawing into the meeting room) into my work. There is something about both that reenergizes people and elivens their brains. @courosa  (Alec Couros) tweeted this link today and I had to share.  Not only are these guys phenomenal, but look at the audience. Look and learn!

via The Human Jukebox | cdza Opus No. 9 – YouTube.

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  1. Walter Katz in the Decline of Pleasure (1962) suggests that art is intellectual re-creation. Just as games and sport (and other forms of physical recreation) were once the restorative practices of laborers, so too does art rehabilitate the mind and intellect. Just as the body can rest in play, the mind can think without working.

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