Applied Improvisation Network 2012 World Conference Storify

Have you been intrigued by my AIN12 posts? Here are some more goodies via Viv McWaters – Applied Improvisation Network 2012 World Conference (with images, tweets) · vivmcwaters · Storify. Look at all the little gems, or perhaps more aptly, facets that the tweets expose. I think you had to be there for the gems. I think my favorites are:

  • “‘Go towards the thing you’re scared of.’ Gary Hirsch#ain12
  • “@improvapy: “Trauma sucks people into the past. Laughter pulls people into the present.” Genie Joseph#AIN12
  • #AIN12 @brentdarnell Traditional training is a conspiracy create by sellers of 3 ring binders
  • #ain12 Matt Smith: “do what you can to get into a sense of gratitude before you perform” …or teach, or host, or lead, or…
  • Adam Blatner: “I’d rather learn something new than be right” #ain12
  • “You have to find people who are broken and help them heal. Laughter is my weapon of mass construction.” Genie Joseph #AIN12

Gotta love “laughter is my weapon of mass construction” from a woman who uses improv to help soldiers heal from the trauma of war. Mind blowing.