Break Something Once a Week

If you haven’t explored Brainpickings, DO. Inspiration galore. Here is one I grabbed late last year to share…

Andy Warhol meditates:I broke something and realized I should break something once a week to remind me how fragile life is. It was a good plastic ring from the twenties.

via The Best History Books of 2012 | Brain Pickings.

So what am I going to break this week? This month? This year? Here are a few ideas percolating.

  • Break some social media habits (like Facebook!)
  • Break out of my blogging slump and try some new approaches to loose up some ideas that are circling in my head. Avoid circling the drain…
  • Break some bad eating/lifestyle habits — typical new years stuff. But I’ve been making progress.
  • Break out of some of my consulting habits (hm, breaking habits seems to be showing up as I brainstorm…)

So how will this remind me about life and its fragility? It’s power? I don’t think I’ve fully “gotten” Warhol yet.

What about you? What will you pay attention to breaking?

2 thoughts on “Break Something Once a Week”

  1. I hadn’t thought about breaking things as a reminder that life is fragile. Perhaps I live with too many animals in my life not to already know that life is fragile.

    I do know that I’ve learned that things are just things that when broken can be swept up and thrown away (although still remembered fondly). This I’ve learned by bringing 2 large dogs into my family.

    The Nisqually earthquake broke a pre-WWII and subsequent divided Germany Meissen crossed swords blue and white platter that was a wedding present to my parents. The platter was traditionally used in our family only for strawberry shortcake in the spring and steamed pudding at Christmas time. I clearly remember the after earthquake phone call from my mom saying everything is O.K., except…. I still miss the clear red juice of fresh strawberries flowing over the blue and white background of that plate. Does the history of the plate and it’s fragility compared to the power of an earthquatke serve as a reminder that life is fragile? Not sure about that one, Andy, as I still have the memories of that platter and what it represented to me.

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