Openness is Easy: Recipe Sharing, Knowledge Sharing

yummy - that's my pieceA while back someone wanted a copy of a recipe from me. I wanted to find (re-find!) a recipe. And I decided to create a little email group where I could email myself recipes, and then easily find them later. I shared with my sister and mom. A few others joined when they heard, but it has stayed a fairly small circle.

Today, in my typical Friday morning work avoidance, I was following links from Twitter to cooking blogs, copying recipes into the list and thought, HEY, I SHOULD SHARE THIS! After all, a bit part of my work is about knowledge sharing. So I went in and made the postings public. You can see them here:

99+ Recipe Circle – Google Groups.

The significance of these few, little clicks is that this sort of thing happens all the time. We have our private or small group piles of good stuff, of information, of knowledge, and yet we don’t even THINK of making it open. Hey, it is EASY. So just do it. Find one treasure you can make open today. Open it up. Let your friends, networks, even the world know about it.

I you would like to be added to the list, let me know (and what email address you’d like me to use). And maybe find one of these great recipes and cook up something loving and wonderful for friends and family this weekend!

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  1. I receive very few comments on my blog, but of those about 2/3 are for the recipes I append to most of my posts. I’ve been thinking about abandoning the blog and just posting new dishes I’ve made.

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