IgniteSeattle21: S#*!, is it time to think about a legacy?

In May I had the great privileged of giving my second Ignite Seattle talk (the first one was at the second ever Ignite). The video hit YouTube today (thanks to Bootstrapper Studios) I’ll let it speak for itself. Slides are also embedded below just for fun.

via Nancy White – S#*!, is it time to think about a legacy? – YouTube.

And the slides…

Edit July 2: See Rob Cottingham’s talk which has some resonance with mine… and he is a LOT funnier! http://robcottingham.ca/2013/07/if-i-knew-then-what-i-know-now-my-presentation-to-the-iabcbc-event/

12 thoughts on “IgniteSeattle21: S#*!, is it time to think about a legacy?”

  1. Oh my God, Nancy! What a fabulous talk, and what a true beauty you are! You ignite my fire, that’s for sure. And I love the paintings! I knew they were yours before the end of course, and I WANT slide #14!! Make prints!

    You rock, my friend.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for making me cry. What I admire about you is the way you make yourself vulnerable in front of the world, when you dance the Hokey Pokey, you put your whole self in! Your grief, your joy, your questions and your love handles… That encourages the people you work with, who might be more hesitant to open up, it shows us that you can be a whole person at work, that you can have feelings and dreams and faults and still rock.

  3. LOVE love love this – thank you for 1. being you – superpowers and all, 2. sharing with the world (both the talk and your superpowers). Honoured to know you!

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