I don’t do KM, I do Knowledge Sharing…

(One of those blog posts that was started ages ago and finally finished…)

A couple of months ago I was surprised to see a tweet that identified me as one of the top 25 “KM” people on Twitter. What??? After digging around, it turns out they use LittleBird and the algorithm relates to who I connect to on Twitter, who connects to me, and my “KM” related words. Since I tag a lot for #KM4Dev (Knowledge Management for Development) I think this is why I showed up on the list. And because I have a pretty darn good network.

But lets get back to this KM thing, particularly since the KM4Dev community meeting is coming up in just over a week here in Seattle (hosted by moi and some good friends). I tend to emphasize that information can be managed, knowledge can be shared. The social aspect of knowledge and knowledge sharing is critical. People ask people, they tend to ignore the best practices data bases. Here is a little blip about this from 2011 at a Knowledge Share Fair in Rome.

“Knowledge sharing is necessary to do complex work in a complex world”

And…here is the top 25 list. The other 75 can be found here.

  1. weknowmore
  2. David Gurteen
  3. Dave Snowden
  4. Stan Garfield
  5. Nancy White
  6. VMaryAbraham
  7. Jack Vinson
  8. Euan Semple
  9. Alice MacGillivray
  10. knowledgetank
  11. Ian Thorpe
  12. Richard Hare
  13. Peter West
  14. Gauri Salokhe
  15. Chris Collison
  16. #KMers Chat
  17. Stuart French
  18. KM Australia
  19. John Tropea
  20. KMWorld Magazine
  21. Christian DE NEEF
  22. Mario Soavi
  23. ewenlb
  24. KM Asia
  25. Steve Dale

What I find very interesting is that many of these folks are involved in KM in international development. Are we just more tweety? More sharing? More social? Or we like to goof around a lot on Twitter! 😉

Oh, and I got a BADGE!
Most Influential in KM

OK, back to work….

4 thoughts on “I don’t do KM, I do Knowledge Sharing…”

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I saw your Google Doc of a list of interesting bloggers’ URLs and made a copy here.

    I added some code to the sreadsheet to do “poor man’s RSS discovery”, turning URLs into RSS URLs ( shown here )

    function do_rss_autodiscovery() {

    //=importXML(D6, “/html/head/link[@rel=’alternate’][1]/@href” ) // You can only have 50 of these formulas per spreadsheet. Boo!

    var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet()
    var sheet = ss.getSheetByName(“Knowledge Management”)
    var range = sheet.getRange(“D3:D”) // The column with the URLs in
    var values = range.getValues()

    for ( f in values ){
    var url = values[f]
    var cellname = “F” + Number( Number(f) + 3 )
    var feed_url = autodiscoverRSS( url )
    //Logger.log( feed_url )
    if ( typeof feed_url != ‘undefined’ ){
    sheet.getRange(cellname).setValue( feed_url )


    function autodiscoverRSS( url ) {
    var text = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url).getContentText()
    var doc = Xml.parse(text, true)
    var links = doc.html.head.link

    var r = [ ]
    for (var i in links) {
    var xml_element = links[i]
    var rel = xml_element.rel
    if ( rel == ‘alternate’ ) {
    // Logger.log(“rel:” + xml_element.toXmlString() )
    var the_url = xml_element.href
    r.push( the_url )
    r = r.reverse()
    return r.pop()

    } catch(e) {
    Logger.log( url + ” ” + e )

    Then using Yahoo pipes, I could grab this list as CSV and turn it into the RSS items, and make a feed of your list of sites. It’s here….


    A few of the links have either broke or have errors in, but, as an exercise it was useful to create an “instant mini aggregator” like this.


  2. Er, hang on… not sure if it has worked properly, all those RSS items are from Scoop it ( unless they’re just the most up to date )


    1. Tom, this is awesome, not only because you DID it, but because you shared the HOW! Big smile. (Paging @cogdog!) Let me know once you identify the challenge. Alan (cogdog) may chime in. He likes this kind of stuff! THANKS!!

  3. Hi Nancy, thanks for the tweet. Sharing the HOW is what I
    do 🙂

    The list might be too big for Pipes, might have to
    chunk it up, not sure.

    Long time fan btw

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