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About Full Circle Associates

Communications, Planning, and Internet Solutions For a Changing World

Full Circle Associates
Seattle, WA
(206) 517-4754

Full Circle Associates is Nancy White plus her network of professionals who provide services individually and collectively for clients in the community, non-profit and business sectors. (Please note: Nancy does not employ any of these people. They act, when called, as subcontractors or contractors directly on their own to clients!) Founded in 1997 by Nancy White, Full Circle operates with excellence, flexibility and personalized services to bring client projects full circle from conception to completion. We focus on online and offline strategies with a passionate interest in online community and collaboration.

The Full Circle Philosophy

  • To connect -- connect people with ideas, information, services and other people.
  • To utilize the full skills, knowledge and experience of each player in every collaboration
  • To apply the right tools and techniques for the right solution.
  • To learn from every client and encounter.
  • To enjoy the work and to reward ourselves (sometimes with chocolate!) when we come full circle to completion

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Current services provided include:

  • Full Circle Training
  • Online Community Building Services (see also Community Building and Online Facilitation Clients
  • Design and run Online events
  • Design and support of communities of practice (CoPs)
  • Online facilitation and moderation (training and services)
  • Strategic and program planning
  • Public, Media and Government relations
  • Marketing
  • Message development
  • Focus group testing
  • Writing, editing
  • Group facilitation (online and offline)
  • Project management
  • Internet strategic planning
  • Community organizing
  • Internet research

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About Nancy White:

About the Associates:

The richness of Full Circle Associates is the relationships we create and nurture between us. As part of the dream for Full Circle, you can tap into a talented network people who can help bring your project full circle from planning to completion. These individuals along with others in Nancy's network are all independent consultants, not employees of Full Circle Associates. You are welcome to contact Nancy to get a listing of current associates or people I can connect you with in my network. Some of the links will take you to a resume while others will take you to the individual's own site. We are open to creating the arrangement that best suits the situation.

If you are interested in forming a relationship with Full Circle Associates as an associate, please email Nancy at .

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Communities, Partners and Alliances:

Selected Client List:

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Updated 6/2006

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Full Circle Associates
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(206) 517-4754

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