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A must read blog from David Weinberger  and his wonderful network of commentors. This is one best left to a first hand read. Go for it!

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Welcome back, Seb

Photo by Stephen DownesSeb is back blogging! I was happy to hear Seb Paquet has restarted his blog. So I have to welcome him back. He was one of the first people to welcome me to the blogosphere in 2005 and I adopted his welcomeing practice. You can read about it waaaay back:

Seb Paquet taught me my first explicit blogging community indicator: welcoming. When Seb noticed a new person blogging who he knew or was interested in, he blogged a welcome post, linking to that person’s blog and, if available, a picture. Immediately Seb connected me to his community and expanded mine. I now follow that practice, which has been labeled by one of those I’ve welcomed as “kindness.” I like that!

Photo by Stephen Downes