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Sep 10 2012

KM Singapore Graphic Facilitation Workshop

It makes no sense to fly all the way to Singapore just for a keynote, so the good folks at Straits Knowledge and IKMS set me up to offer a graphic facilitation pre-conference workshop prior to KMSingapore (#KMSG). 12 folks joined me to explore how we productively use visuals as we facilitate in our work. After some visual introductions, we did the classic “I Can Draw” exercises, then worked on basic visual vocabularies. With that under our belts, we explored how we can use these visual skills in a variety of facilitation settings. You can see the full agenda here. Below are some images from the workshop, including our use of the visual practice “river of life” as a workshop evaluation tool.

KM Singapore Graphic Facilitation Workshop Artifacts from Nancy White


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Jun 05 2012

RossViz is Just Around the Corner

The early bird deadline is past, but we are sending out the word at a couple of F2F workshops in the next few weeks and I want this post findable on my (messy, messy) blog.  The time to commit is NOW!  I learned so many new things this year that I want to share. I want to learn from y’all. The folks who have signed up so far are fascinating and a few are far flung! So expect great, diverse interactions. We have a few more spaces available so MAKE YOUR MOVE!

Once again, here are the details:

Michelle Laurie and I are excited to announce the 3rd annual graphic facilitation workshop (aka Rosviz!) in beautiful Rossland, BC, Canada, July 18-20th, 2012. We had so much fun at #1 and #2, we are going for #3! (See Sylvia’s great video from #2 here.)

Drawing on Walls at the 2011 Graphic Facilitation Workshop in Rossland, B.C.

You are invited to this experiential workshop which takes place almost entirely at the drawing surface!

We’ll start the evening of July18th by warming up our drawing muscles and silencing those pesky inner censors. The second day, we’ll build into the basic practices of graphic facilitation and recording. We will pay attention to preparation, the actual visual work, and follow up including digital capture of paper based images. Our third day will be devoted to participatory graphic approaches, practicing and giving peer feedback. You can expect to go away with icons, ideas and approaches which you can use immediately, as well as ideas about how to hone your practice.

When might we use this practice?

Sometimes our imaginations are sparked by a visual where words fail us. Think about when communities plan and imagine their futures, when teams consider the possible outcomes for their projects, when groups create maps to track their progress.  These are all opportunities to use visuals to engage and deepen community dialogue. You can use visual thinking to improve teamwork, communications, meetings, build engagement and to plan work. Step out of the PowerPoint rut!

Who should attend?
Facilitators, project managers, team leaders and members, town planners, teachers and anyone who would like to engage others beyond words.

Please Note: You do NOT need previous experience or have to consider yourself an artist. At some level, we can all draw and use visuals to enhance our communications and engage diverse audiences.

Quick details: Michelle will be hosting and we’ll both be co-facilitating. This 2.5 day workshop begins the evening of Wednesday, July 18th and ends mid-afternoon on Friday, July 20th.  Pricing  is  CA $840.00 thereafter. (US Friends — it is about the same in dollars! If you have/want to pay in dollars, I can take those. NW)  Email Michelle to register: michelle.k.laurie(@)

via Workshop Alert – Rosviz is back! | Michelle Laurie rants and raves.

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Apr 25 2012

Getting to Graphically Record Locally for Stephanie West Allen

thought balloons

Lately I’m more on the road than home. I’ve been incorporating visual methods into all my work (see here and here) but it will be fun to do some local graphico stuff. Tonight our local informal group of visual practitioners joins for conversation, snacks, and of course, drawing. Then in a week, I get to record Stephanie West Allen’s presentation at the NR Dispute Resolution conference. I’ve known Stephanie online for quite some time, and finally, face to face! (Thanks to neighbor Rina Goodman!) Here are the deets:

I spoke at this annual conference two years ago and found the people—organizers, presenters, and attendees— to be warm, curious, skillful, and farsighted. They are also a brainy gang, paying attention to neuroscience. For the second year in a row, Dr. John Medina is speaking!

I am very happy to be returning to Seattle, and look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new conflict resolution pros. Below is the description of my program. Click to see the full brochure and read the program and to register.

Exciting news: My program will be graphically recordedby Nancy White, an international leader among graphic recorders. (She’s in Zambia right now.)

My presentation:

Total-Brain Mediation: The Whole Brain and Nothing but the Truth

Presenter: Stephanie West Allen, Allen & Nichols Productions, Inc., Denver, CO
The field of conflict resolution is now filled with neuroscience myths, fiction and urban legends. We will look at what we REALLY know right now and how we can use that valid and accurate knowledge to move forward in the field. The best way to resolve conflict and to serve our clients is to make sure that we are using the complete brain, not just bits and pieces. Unfortunately much of mediation today is half-brained, at best. We neglect those parts of our brain that contain genuine, sustaining creativity and wisdom. This seminar will be mind-changing. Attendees will learn how to use the whole brain and nothing but the truth. Based on the latest in the neuroscience of learning, the seminar will be interactive, novel, fun … and maybe a bit messy.

via idealawg: Join us in Seattle May 4-5? 19th Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference.

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Mar 21 2012

Why Visuals Matter in Two Lines

Via a G+ post I stumbled upon Tim Kitchin’s comment which totally captures why visuals matter to me in group process. I have been taking two paragraphs to day it. Tim boils it down and makes me smile.

Disagreements about words become a cause of demolition.  Disagreements about images are an excuse for construction.

via Steal this Brand Too » Blatancy and the Social Object Factory.

Thanks Tim. (By the way, dear readers, the rest of the post is also really interesting!)

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Feb 21 2012

Playing With Sharing Evernote Notes

(Note: this post was scheduled month ago and got hung up. Just found it today!)
Since I got my iPad, one of the apps I’ve been playing with a lot is Evernote. I can prepare and/or take notes, incorporate images, etc from a meeting then send the notes via email to participants, or even make a note public. Here is my preparation note for the Graphic facilitation workshop I led at the Rome Based ShareFair last September, along with one photo from the workshop. Graphic facilitation workshop

Here is a note snippet from Etienne Wenger’s keynote at the ShareFair. Here are very brief notes from the community case clinics Etienne and I did at the Fair.

I have used this feature mostly for sending private notes to meeting participants as what I do on the iPad is usually pretty rough. I’ve found it pretty speedy and efficient. I can always fix the spelling when I get back to my desktop, as I still make a lot of typos on the iPad’s keyboard.  I like the low profile of the iPad vs the wall that even a small netbook creates on a lap or table.

More generally, I need to think about how to best organize my Evernote notes. I’m using it to read articles I’ve saved using Instapaper and ReadLater which make it easy to collect online content to read on the pad when I’m offline. But I tend to collect more than I read. So there are some workflow issues to sort out.  I still havent’ figured out my workflow relationship between readitlater and tagging on services like delicious. So many conundrums as I evolve my technology configuration.

What new tool(s) are you playing with?

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