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There are tons more...so many links, so little time. Last updated 2/03 (to cull dead links).

Software Help Sites

The Future of Web Conferencing
David Wooley's excellent reference site for all types of conferencing software.
Ovitz Taylor Gates Management resources for enterprise projects, offering how-to workbooks, project plans and planning guides, tools, templates and checklists.
David Stroum's Web Conferencing Reviews
Conferencing Software for the Web (Discussion Forums, Groupware, and BBS - Bulletin Board Software)
BUILDER.COM - Web servers - adding discussion forums to your site
Collaborative Conferencing Technology List
Usability First Groupware Reviews
Opencomunity.com Version 0.1 of the site is a starting point for prospective buyers of community platforms.
DaveCentral Conferencing Software, Freeware, Demos and Betas
DaveCentral Conferencing - Text, Page 1

Software Companies and Tools

Bigmind Media's Catalyst
Catalyst Consulting Team - Meeting Rooms
Contact Office
Delphi Custom Forums
Groupmind Express
Online Community Software.com
Thinkwell.Ca Collaborative online conferencing hosting for groups from friends in Canada.
WebBoard 3.5

Virtual Community Facilitation

Moderator's Net, a UK based community of practice for online moderators.
http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB19990513S0010 Article on the power of amateurs building community.
NetAge Virtual Teams, TeamNets, and Network Organizations
Lisa Kimball - VC Tools
The Future of Web Conferencing
Working by Wire Opening Page
virtual-organization.net Homepage
Build Community - Deep Woods Tech
Forum One Guide to the Web-based Discussion Forum Sector
rheingold's brainstorms rheingoldian HOSTING
Center for the Study of Online Community
MECD- Online NEtworking
NetWeaver - Facilitation Articles
The WELL Hosts' Manual
From Workplace To Workspace - Table of Contents
Structures to Ensure Online Facilitators are Successful
CMC Magazine A Project Management to Online Communication
How to Make Business Chat Work by Richard Seltzer
The WELL's Hosts Manual - Section 5 starting topics
The Economies of Online Cooperation Kollock
Virtual Teamworking using Networking Technologies
Netweaver Online Decision making
The Virtual Workplace of the 21st Century Is Your Organization Ready For It
Lisa Kimbal's fine collection of papers on facilitation of virtual work groups
Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams
Virtual Corporations, Human Issues & Information Technology
Virtual Corporations & Outsourcing @BRINT (tm)
The INSNA Home Page - SOcial Networking
Digital Places Primer on VCs
Digital Places
CommunityBuilding.com - Build A Community, Not Just A Web Site!
The Moderator's HomePage
Evelyn Pine on Hosting
Steve Silberman on Hosting
Alan Chamberlain on Hosting
Tina Loney on Hosting
Hosts on Hosting Newsletter, December 1996
Getting Along Online Gail Williams
Designing Online Communities Class Outline - AJ Kim
Intranet Challenges Online Work and Communication
Facilitating Online Conference - pdf files
Salon 21st Molotovs and mailing lists

Various & Sundry Virtual Community Links

Netly News Network - Death of a Mailing List - March 12, 1998
BSCW Home Page
Amish Cell Phones - Howard's article
Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work (CREW)
PC Magazine_ Networking - Meeting of the Minds - Editors' Choice (02_24_98)
Slashdot Luring the Lurkers
Welcome to VerticalNet
The Psychology of Cyberspace
Open Space Institute
On the Nature of _The Nature of Order_
Tele-Garden Studies
M.H.GOLDHABER'S SITE_virtual attention
Blue Skyways of Kansas - Community, Education, Government, and Library information
CivicNet _The Spirit of Community Networking_
The Trillion-Dollar Vision of Dee Hock
Seattle Community Network
Community Networking Resources
The Community Network Movement
SnoNet Home Page
CMC Magazine_ The Cyborganic Path
Just do - Steve Snow's letter to UK networkers
A thought experiment_ how do you get a sense of the Salon_
Online Papers Collection - Listed by Author
Community Tool Box - Home Page
CMC June 98 VC articles
Alan Stevens PPT at Bath 98 conf
Meshing Business Goals with Cultural & Social Dynamics Gail Williams
Design Principles for Online Communities Kollock
Social Networking research_cah
Amy Bruckman's Dissertation MOOSE Crossing
Psychology of Cyberspace - Making Virtual Communities Work
Psychology of Cyberspace - Subject Index
Salon 21st There goes the neighborhood
Secrets to Successful Web Communities AJ Kim
Total 'Net Value, Inc Internet marketing & Web site promotion consulting, seminars, speaker, & online research for business, associations & nonprofits
Bernard Lietaer's Internet Currencies for Virtual Communities
A2Z Internet Converse, Communicate & Connect Virtual Communities
Cliff Figallo PPT presentation Bath Conf 98
Virtual Communities Conference, Bath, 1998 PPT presentations
 ACn Sig Groups - Virtual Community
BUILDER.COM - Web Business - Building online communities
Doblin Group's definition of community


The Californian Ideology
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies


The Resource Center For Cyberculture Studies
CMC Studies Center
Virtual Community as Participatory Genre
Mapping Anarchy on Usenet
STUDYING ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKS, by Laura Garton, Caroline Haythornthwaite, and Barry Wellman

Electric Minds

Electric Minds
stating the obvious_ moving day at electric minds
electric minds sooth
E-Minds was food for thought
E-Minds can't make e-money

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