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Online Facilitation and Community Building Services

Online interaction can help groups expand their reach and extend their depth through well designed, deployed and facilitated online interaction spaces and processes. Full Circle Associates is skilled at assessing your needs and helping you design and deploy such spaces. We have helped clients across the globe execute online meetings, trainings and deployment of virtual teams and communities of practice.

We can help you identify interactive web-based online interaction strategies and processes to connect with your audiences, constituencies,members or collaborators. Applications include communities of practice or interest, virtual teams, distance learning/training, online events and conversational communities. We deploy a full range of strategic tools and processes such as online conferences, blogs, wikis, chats, events, newsletters, dynamic websites and email lists. We can take you from concept to execution by assembling a team of specialists to meet your needs for creating online communities and collaborative workspaces.

We have a particular interest in helping groups build internal competencies to design, build and facilitate their own interactions and support this through a blended range of services. We pay particular attention to process. Our services include:

  • Needs assessment (technical, target audience and purpose/goals)
  • Creative ideas and imagination - exploration of possibilities
  • Site concept strategic planning and social architecture
  • Evaluation and selection of interactive tools and software
  • Site design and implementation (short and long term online events)
  • Provision of experienced online facilitators
  • Training of your online facilitators (online and F2F)
  • Coaching
  • Site monitoring and critique

We teach a range of online facilitation classes through Full Circle Training. We can also do private label, in-house online facilitation trainings in our online training environment, or combined with your face-to-face events.

Please contact Nancy White to discuss your community-building needs. Full Circle also provides an extensive resource listing on online community here on our site.

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