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Online Facilitation and Community Building Clients and Case Studies

Full Circle Associates has provided online intearction consultation services to the following clients:

  • The American Speech-Language Hearing Association www.asha.org - provided strategic consultation on platform migration and large scale association online community.
  • Bellanet - launch online wiki based FAQ project.
  • The Benton Foundation www.benton.org - hosted online event about online communities and contributed to their online community toolkit at www.helping.org
  • Boardsource - global online community of practice development
  • CGIAR Gender and Diversity Program www.cgiar.org - designed, hosted and facilitated a global online meeting.
  • CGIAR Global Public Goods Project - ICT-KM
  • CGIAR Alternatives to Slash and Burn Project
  • CGIAR Non Timber Forest Products Project
  • CGIAR Biofortification Project
  • Close to Home - online event hosting
  • Guest presenter for Etienne Wengers/CPSquare Communities of Practice Online Workshop (on-going)
  • Diversity Leadership Forum - designed and host their online board meeting space
  • Emergency Capacity Building Project
  • Enix Consulting Limited, London - created online facilitation resource materials for one of Enix's clients.
  • FACCT (Foundation for Accountability) - deployed two online events and provided online training
  • FAO, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN - online facilitation training
  • Health Forum - provided coaching on distance meetings using teleconferencing
  • HealthTalk
  • - strategic planning and launch of online forums
  • Helvetas - online community of practice leadership
  • iCohere - assist with community management and development
  • International Association of Faclitators - provided 2 F2F workshops on online facilitation
  • IBM - provided trainings on online facilitation (F2F)
  • IDG Channel Services Group/Solutions Integrator Magazine - did initial design work for a subscriber online community
  • International Alert - online interaction space hosting
  • International Labor Organization/CIARIS - facilitate online workshop
  • International Water Management Institute - designed and hosted online conference and ongoing teamspace
  • Joint Action in Community Service - provided strategic consultation on online interaction deployment of a welfare to work project
  • KDA Research - facilitation of online focus groups
  • Knowledge in the Public Interest - advisor
  • LearnTel Australia - online presentations
  • March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation - assisted with health professional distance learning initiative and the Share Your Story online community
  • Mercy Corps International - hosting online virtual team workspaces
  • Overseas Development Institute - strategic online interaction advice
  • OSS Inc. - developed online interaction resource library for community tool deployment
  • Pipal International - host collaborative book writing team site
  • Project Harmony - see case study at Changing Lenses: A Caucasus Journey and extensive work in Armenia with their online interaction and connectivity project.
  • Prometheus Group, Istanbul, Turkey - presented F2F seminar on online marketing
  • trAce online writers community - F2F presentation on online facilitation
  • VERDICT (a research project of the VA) - provided online facilitation training
  • The Well.com - co-host of the Virtual Communities Conference (VC)
  • WorkZ.com - wrote a series of columns on online community

Please contact Nancy White at to discuss your community-building needs. Full Circle also provides an extensive resource listing on online community here on our site.

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