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Online Community Resources

The most active area for resources on the Full Circle site is the Online Community Toolkit. Start there! We are keeping more active links on that page and here --> Online Community Links - Unsorted. These pages gets a bit less attention. That said, we value your input and suggestions on these and other additional resources. Please email us your thoughts, ideas and critiques. All critiques and additions will be credited to you as the author. Thank you! Suggestions/Feedback (last updated 1/03 but please note, there are still many outdated links! Sorry.)

Index - see below for specific links.

Online Community Toolkit

Online Community - General and Nancy's Musings - Some of these are just beginnings of ideas, waiting to germinate.


Online Community Design Resources

Online Facilitation and Hosting

Virtual Teams/Remote Work

Online Community Software and Web Based Community Platforms

Cyber Activism, Cyber Democracy, Community Networks and Advocacy (I know, odd mix. Things emerge...)

Cyberculture Resources

Cybercommunications Resources

Some of my Community Sites

Online Community-related Listservs and Newsletters

Full Circle BookShelf - always a few related books here.

MORE!! Online Community Links - Unsorted
Enter at your own risk...I like to bookmark many sites, but sometimes don't organize them too well!

Online Community Musings
    Most of my articles are now in the toolkit so I'm discontinuing individual listings here. I'll just be posting external links here. For Full Circle articles, please go to the Online Community Toolkit - A collection of articles for building and sustaining online community by Full Circle Associates Nancy White, Sue Boettcher and Heather Duggan.

Other Assorted Articles

Community Design Resources

Online Facilitation and Hosting - Articles are now all listed in the Online Community Toolkit

Virtual Teams/Remote Work

Software and Hardware - Articles

  • Opencomunity.com Version 0.1 of the site is a starting point for prospective buyers of community platforms.
  • David Wooley's comprehensive and frequently updated review of conferencing software. He recently added free-web based systems to his extensive reviews (July 1999).
  • Synchronous vs. Asnchronous Formats a look at some software options by Sue Boettcher
  • To Thread or Not to Thread by Sue Boettcher
  • Opencomunity.com Version 0.1 of the site is a starting point for prospective buyers of community platforms
  • ForumHosts - a site devoted to helping you think through adding online forums to your web site. Geared for smaller, independent communities. Good gut information!
  • Run on a PC. Have lots of browsers open? Crash alot? Try Release Ram -- a great, inexpensive utility.
Software and Hardware - Platform Providers

Note: I've run out of time to review platforms before I post links here, so know that this comes with no "filter" or recommendations.

  • Axista.com's Xcolla.
  • BigMindMedia offers a hosted and customizable solution called Catalyst.
  • Buildacommunity.com
  • Caucus - a hosted solution, strong conversation tool.
  • Chatspace.com ChatSpace provides real time community and customer interactions solutions. They package their award winning chat services with threaded forums, instant messaging and web based e-Mail to create a stand alone community module that can be integrated into a website.
  • Communispace - From Communispace: "Communispace is a web-based environment that focuses on connecting people to people (not just people to documents) to achieve specific objectives, regardless of geographic, time, and organizational barriers. As a hosted ASP solution, it is easy to deploy rapidly within organizations."
  • GroupMind Express
  • www.ezboard.com - "ezboard is a leading provider of online community building tools. Our complete ASP solution allows anyone to create, manage and promote their own customized online community with ease. over 700,000 communities have been created, providing social spaces for more than 10 million users world wide each month and growing."
  • Quicktopic - ad free, free and a lovely tool. I'm a fan.
  • Thinkwell.Ca Collaborative online conferencing hosting for groups from friends in Canada.
  • Web Crossing - from their site: "Web Crossing offers online conferencing solutions through discussion forums and chat rooms. Server-side scripting allows extensive additional web application development such as e-commerce sites, customer service applications, calendars, auctions, and more." They now also host a web based free-hosting solution (www.worldcrossing.com) for those wanting to build a small community as well as a community of users, http://www.webxharbor.com - a user community for WebCrossing.
  • Prizm - is a suite of tools and solutions from Tom Simon. Microsoft centric.
  • Want to have your service listed here? Email me

Cyber Activism, Cyber Democracy, Community Networks and Advocacy
  • See also NonProfits and the Net Resources
  • The Institute On Governance (IOG) is a non-profit public policy think tank with an active interest in citizen participation issues, as well as the impact that information technology is having on politics and community development. For more on our work, visit at www.iog.ca. A recent project invovled the launch of a website devoted to "citizen-centred governance." The site, www.policity.com, includes a "Citizen Participation Centre" with resources and tools for those interested in implementing various citizen participation (CP) techniques or developing projects.
  • Shaping the Network Society: The Future of the Public Sphere in Cyberspace - DIAC 2000 Conferece, Proceedings from the May 20-23 in Seattle. (Full Circle is proud to help sponsor this event!)
  • Benton Foundation - communications in the public interest.
  • A Wired Agora - - Minneapolis, Citizen Participation, the Internet and Squirrels
  • Start an Online Commons - Short How-to Article
  • www.publicus.net - Steven Clift's "Public Strategies for an online world."
  • The Association for Community Networking
  • Global 2000 Virtual Community Coalition - The Virtual Community Coalition is a loosely affiliated group of people, organizations, and events all over the world who are working together in the year 2000 to help promote democratic use of communication technology and discourage social exclusion due to inequitable access to communication.
Cyberculture & CyberArts Resources

Cybercommunications Resources

  • Virtual Institute of Information - an interesting multilingual site with the mission "to research and exhibit telecommunications and mass media information while fostering the continued understanding of these fields and their implications for the future economic and social development of society."

Social Community Sites


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