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Online Facilitation Assessment Tool
Updated August 2002

This assessment can be used as an ongoing tool for online facilitators.

Using the Assessment Tool

Print off or copy the following tool onto paper or into your word processor.

This assessment is for your use. You can share it or keep it personal as you choose. However, by sharing your assessment in your personal learning journal space, you may be able to receive other valuable feedback from your fellow "travelers," enriching your assessment experience. Rarely can we see ourselves as others see us.




General Facilitation Competencies

List your facilitation competencies which might include specific facilitation types, techniques or applications -- i.e. meeting facilitator, Open Space facilitation, mediation, negotiation, scribe, etc. If there are particular skills you don't have, but wish to develop, include those at the end of the list with a * star. For more ideas on facilitator competencies, see the FAQ from the Group Facilitation List serve and the Master Facilitator Journal's list of competencies,


Offline Facilitation Experience

List specific offline facilitation experience -- i.e. facilitated corporate meetings for 5 years, facilitation coalitions, etc.


Online Facilitation Experience

List specific online facilitation experience -- i.e. facilitated social online community, time-delimited online workgroup or task force, virtual teams, email lists, online meetings, etc.


Online Interaction Technical Experience

Inventory your online interaction tool experience. Note which tools you have used, and level of experience (B = beginner, U = regular user, E = expert)

  • Linear conferencing (list software names)
  • Threaded conferencing (list)
  • Chat
  • Instant Messaging
  • Email
  • Web meeting tools (i.e. Placeware, WebX, Netmeeting, HP Classroom)
  • Groupware, portal tools (aggregation of content and interaction tools)
  • Email List servs
  • Internet file management - HTML/FTP/Telnet
  • Internet Publishing (web page creation)
  • Audio files (using/creating)
  • Video files (using/creating)


Interest Areas

Describe why you are interested in online facilitation and your motivations for increasing your skills and knowledge in this area. Include short and long-term interests.


Identified Needs

Describe any particular needs you have identified -- i.e. increasing participation of group members, recruitment, intercultural communications, dealing with difficult situations, etc.


Potential Applications

If you have a specific online facilitation task you expect to execute in the near future, please describe it.

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