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Online Event Assessment Planner

This assessment document is to help us determine the scope of your project and to provide us with enough details to give you an accurate quote for services. It is not a contract. It is a place to start our explorations and work.

Event Content & Nature

  1. What is the purpose of your online event?
  2. Does it have a name?
  3. Please describe any specific goals and how they might be measured? Is the time devoted to the event commensurate with the goals? If not, please clarify the priority of each goal? (ie what is the problem or opportunity to be addressed?)
  4. In 3-4 bullet points, how would you describe "success" of this online event?
  5. <
  6. Have you assessed potential participant willingness and interest in this event? If so, please share your findings. If not, do you anticipate giving them a chance to provide input on the event plan?
  7. Do you have any expected evaluation components in mind?
  8. How does this project fit in with your organization's ongoing work?
  9. Do you have any particular concerns or worries about this event?
    (This is not to create barriers, but to design with awareness!)
  10. Your initial ideas about event agenda?
    • Discussions
    • The learning opportunities
    • Opportunities to socialize (get to know, etc)
    • Task oriented opportunities

  11. Your initial ideas about event guests or presenters (if any)? (how many, what type of material they might present)
  12. How do presenters normally present in your organization? (ie what types of media, level of formality, etc.)

Meeting Logistics

  1. Potential start/end dates?
  2. Expected event duration?
  3. Expected number of primary participants and their role(s)?
  4. Anticipated amount of time participants will have to devote to the event and on what basis? (i.e. 1 hour a day Monday - Friday for two weeks plus 1 hour of pre-reading)
  5. Expected observers and their role?
  6. Staff participants?
  7. Are there any language issues such as the need for translation, a common language or set of (or no set of ) common languages?
  8. Due to the global nature of this event, please describe the cultural considerations you normally take into account when planning a meeting for this group?

Decision Making and Budget Process Issues</P>

  1. Who are the decision-makers? What is their approval process including time frame for making decisions?
  2. What are the financial parameters for this event, including funds committed already?
  3. What requirements do you have for your vendors?


  1. What web browsers do the participants normally use?
    • Internet Explore version ____
    • Netscape Navigator version ___
    • Other (please describe name and version)

  2. What kind of Internet access do most participants have?
    • 28.8 modem
    • 56.6 K modem
    • T-1 access
    • DSL or Cable Modem access
    • Other
  3. Is the Internet access available at all times, or are there any limitations?
  4. What is the expected level of comfort and skill of the participants in using a web browser?
  5. Are there any corporate firewall issues? (affects chat sessions)
  6. Do you have an online conferencing platform, need recommendations on a platform host or some other combination?

  7. Please discuss your expectations in terms of technical support for users.

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