Community Application Tool

by Nancy White

Updated 5/24/99


Defining Criteria

Use For:


A collection of member posts over time in a linear sequence

  • Ongoing casual conversations
  • Ongoing focused, topic-centric conversations
  • Brainstorming
  • Dialog or advocacy
  • Building relationships
  • Story telling
  • "Fun" topics like "just 3 words"


A collection of member posts over time in a threaded sequence

  • Q&A, FAQ building
  • Posting resource information (URLs, quotes, etc.)
  • Conversations that more more 1 on 1 than for larger groups such as a student/teacher interaction.

Email Newsletters

something that appears in your mailbox

  • Update members on community status
  • Draw participation and increase traffic (use links)
  • Provide content for member response in conferences and forums


something that appears in your mailbox

  • Communicate one-on-one with a member (such as dealing with problems, questions that are not of interest to rest of membership, etc.)
  • Invite people to participate in a community
  • Provide community rules or other introductory information.


Things that happen instantly

  • "Get to Know"
  • Provide access to guest members or celebrities and experts
  • Build relationships
  • Live "events" such as seminars, q&a, etc. (limited interactivity with higher number of participants)

Internet Broadcast Events

something you to to the web to view, synchronous, limited interactivity

  • Communicate synchronously, one-on-many with a larger audience.
  • Can archive for later viewing
  • Can utlize streaming media (audio/video)
  • Disseminate information
  • Poll
  • Moderated public or private Q&A