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I've come to the conclusion we need more than words to communicate. So what better place to start, then illustrating miscommunication! Besides, playing with my digital tablet makes me happy! For more, please see Visual Facilitation: Can Images Help Us Facilitate? and My Gallery of "Imaginary Friends". Warning, large files on these pages!

Do you remember the first time someone tried to explain the Internet. When they drew a picture, there was always this cloud that was supposed to represent the 'net. Did that ever strike you as odd?

One day, when I was having an awful time communicating with someone online, I all of a sudden had this vivid understanding of the "Internet Cloud." There was not a straight connection between me and the person I was struggling to communicate with. Every word had to go through this cloud. I then decided the cloud did what it wanted with my words, with no guarantee the arrived at the other end with the meaning I intended.

Then there are all those times when I'm perfectly sure that I'm perfectly clear. Not!

On very pessimistic days, reductionism has it's selling points!

I love the energy of new entrants into the group. Sing the praises of the New-Bee!

Sometimes going online makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland. Through the looking glass. Down the Rabbit Hole!

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