Appendix 1


Fundación Redes y Desarollo (Networks and Development Foundation)

Funredes is an international NGO with its head office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The main focus for its activities is the Latin American and Caribbean region, although it works in coordination with other organisations of the developing world, including Africa. Its ethos is based on achieving sustainable development through the appropriation of ICT by local communities and the facilitation of communication between civil society actors, academics and various agencies.

Main projects

MISTICA (Methodology of the Social Impact of ICT in Latin America and the Caribbean)

Since its inception in November 1998 Funredes has brought together civil society actors, academics and other interested parties from Latin America, the Caribbean and the world under the patronage of IDRC (International Development Research Centre) of the Canadian government, and the Foundation for the Progress of Humanity based in Switzerland.

The Virtual Community of MISTICA engage in discourse on various topics relevant to the social impact of ICT in the region through email discussion lists and a web-based (and public) information system. Of note is the multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment in which the MISTIC@S participate. Participants and external interested parties can make use of the resources openly available on the web site functioning as a Knowledge Management System and includes:

A number of pilot projects were carried out throughout the region which were intended to provide a basis for encouraging collaborative work practices within the VC. The project officially ended in March 2001 with a final reunion in Santo Domingo, however, the VC has proved resilient to lack of funding and continues to be hosted by Funredes.


Funredes developed an effective methodology for facilitating distance participation in VCs called EMEC (Effective Management of Electronic Conferences), which includes the PAD (Participation at a Distance) component.


(Observatory of the Social Impact of ICT in Latin America and the Caribbean)

Proposed as a follow-up to the MISTICA project which will set up a human network of observers throughout the region to assess and gain influence over regional ICT policies.


Bohío - a term used by the indigenous Tahíno people of Hispaniola, which the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti share, to describe a central meeting place for reflection and action. The project hopes to strengthen relations between civil society actors and academics on both sides of the border through the use of CMC.