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Facilitation Resources

This page is for gathering and sharing general facilitation resources. We have a particular interest in online facilitation, and currently those resources are in the online community section. We have launched a list serv (onlinefacilitation list information) and are planning a website (OnlineFacilitation.com) for online/"virtual"" facilitation. If you are interested, please send email to Nancy. As always, we value your input and suggestions on these and other additional resources. Please email us your thoughts, ideas and critiques. All critiques and additions will be credited to you as the author. Thank you! Updated January, 2003.




  • Zhaba's collection of worksheets and tools for facilitators. Note that they grant full free use to NGOs. This is a fabulous resource.
  • University of Minnesotta's guide to group facilitation in community settings.
  • The International Association of Facilitators online bibliography. A huge, valuable list of links.
  • Open Space World - a website dedicated to Open Space facilitation techniques and philosophy.



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  • Onlinefacilitation archive - publicly viewable
  • Group Facilitation Listserv - An excellent resource. To subscribe send the following command to the Listserv address (LISTSERV@CNSIBM.ALBANY): (Note: there should be at least 2 'words' following the list name ) SUBSCRIBE GRP-FACL your-first-name your-last-name

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