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If you are looking for online facilitation resources, check this page. For more general facilitation issues, I’m working on  migrating all my old pages into my WordPress site. This will take a while! 😉 In the meant time, you can find them all here: http://www.fullcirc.com/facilitation.htm

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  1. Hi Nancy –

    About 3 years back, we stopped using stock photos and started using custom drawn illustrations in our training presentations and course material. Got an immediate connect with the audience – I think it may be because stock photos are “too perfect” and somewhere, we all like a bit of imperfection – somehow seems more real. Also with illustrations, you can juxtapose objects, people, concepts in a way you can’t with photographs – eg. early man inventing the wheel, to symbolise innovation.

    Anyway, we’ve launched a stock illustrations site called http://www.doodleco.com, which has been specifically created by a training firm and takes into account the needs of the L&D community, while catering to a larger and wider design audience.

    Would love your feedback on the same

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