Community and Social Media Guidelines and Policies

Once upon a time I kept a page on my old website of community guidelines. While great on the Google page rank, the links have rotted and it is time to start anew.  Plus now we have more than “community guidelines” — we also have social media policies!

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Sample Community Guidelines

The most important expression of these rules is the behavior and role modeling of the hosts. Many people never take the time to read the rules, but they read their manifestation every day in group behavior. Bottom line: live by your stated rules and guidelines! (small side note: note the legal language for commercial sites)

Sample Social Media Guidelines and Policies

While community guidelines normally look to address behavior across and within a group, social media policies tend to address individual behavior in a social context. Some come from organizations and also become company policy. The best ongoing list is here. I’ve been trying to bookmark new ones as I see them here. If you are crafting a new social media policy, you might enjoy the Social Media Policy Tool as a thought starter.

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