Doug Symington Mashes Us Up

Doug uses A N I M O T O to mash up photos and music to document a panel Chris Lott organized at Northern Voice 2008 on “The blog is dead, long live the blog!” It was fun graphically recording a geeky session. Now it is fun to see Doug’s take on it, months later! Woo hoo!

A message back to Meg

Cake Batter Heart
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dizzy Girl
I blogged about an experience last month. I had to send my “note to Meg” via blog post due to no comments or email on her blog. Today, the message in a blog-ttle came back with an answer… the blogosphere can be magical. Official Meg Tilly Web Site | Meg’s Blog | A Northern Conference afternote. Hmm…is afternote one word or two? Maybe it’s hypenated?

Nancy, if you are reading this, you did not abuse me in anyway. Your drawing exercise unexpectedly touched on a memory, a wound that I didn’t even know I was carrying anymore. I cannot have you carrying this in any way. If anything, it shows that your drawing stuff idea, really works and it is a great way to get in touch with what is hidden from ones conscious mind. As well as all the great things that it seems to do for people. Everyone seemed to really be having a great time, laughing and joking and sharing pictures.

Please don’t carry my hurt in your heart. It doesn’t belong there. And in acknowledging it, hopefully, I release it as well. It is not for either one of us to carry. It’s a memory is all. And if it should settle anywhere it should rest in the laps of people who do not protect and abuse small children.

Much love, Meg

Meg, I hear ya and I’m carrying only love, not hurt in my heart, from our chance intersection. And deeply I value the learning that happened in the intersection. I’m VERY glad you got the message. It is interesting to trust in this thing we call the internet.

Love back at you,

P.S. I totally commiserate with the hot flashes. 😉

Injenuity’s Ustream Videos from my Northern Voice presentation

This is just three snippets of the 50 minutes we spent together. Scroll back and you will see the slides. Thanks, Jennifer!

Part 1

Part 2 (which at the moment doesn’t seem to be publicly viewable)
Part 3

Balancing OLPCs at NorthernVoice 2008

One more NVoice shout out – Luke Closs had an OLPC with him and taught me a LOT, including how to balance one on your chin. Here I’m getting into it slowly by using my teeth to help. Later I balanced, but sitting on the ground so the fall would be shorter for the little green and white sweetie. I’m still a digital grasshopper, oh Master Luke!

Nancy and Luke Duelling on Flickr – Photo Sharing! by Lee LeFever

What I missed at Northern Voice

The challenge of parallel sessions is you have to miss something, particularly if you are playing a lead role in your own session. Makes it hard to skip out. There were two sesssions I really wish I had not missed. One was Dave Olson‘s F*ck Stats, Make Art Dossier.

Apparently, Dave was on the same stream as our “Writing on Walls” session – tapping into our creativity. I’m glad the session was recorded and blogged. It was interesting to see that there were quite a few sessions that pinged on a central core of creativity.

I also missed Alan “cogdog” Levine’s preso on 50 Ways to Tell a Story. I’ve been following the evolution of this presentation since last summer and was looking forward to the “live” version, but I was deep in a conversation with Dave Pollard and one does not drop the chance for a great conversation. So Alan, know I was beaming you and I’ll look for Injenuity’s video.  (And I’m glad, Alan, you caught Scott Leslie’sTrackback Love“. Geek poetry!)

(Photo by Robert Scales )