Monday Video: What is The World Cafe?

I’m a big fan and practitioner of The World Cafe way of convening conversations that matter. Here is a quick video featuring the amazing Samantha Tan, giving an overview of The World Cafe. If this is a new approach for you, take a look!

YouTube – What is World Cafe?.

World Cafe Multilingual Report Out

worldcafetweetsLast month I was facilitating a World Cafe session for an international development organization in Rome (IFAD). The participants spoke French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. Some were monolingual, others were multilingual. For plenary sessions we had simultaneous translation, but for breakouts and World Cafe conversations, we had to rely on each other. Multilingual folks tried to fan out across the groups.

I was worried about the report outs and had posed a question on Twitter asking what other folks had done. One suggestion (from ) was to have the groups put their report outs on cards with the translations in the two dominant languages (French and English in this case). It worked! This is also a great example of just in time help from one’s network.

Here is our report out wall.

World Cafe Multilingual Report Out
World Cafe Multilingual Report Out

Rockridge Second Life World Cafe Harvest

I did my first graphic recording gig in Second Life tonight for a Rockridge Institute gathering. It started with a telephone presentation by George Lakoff, then an hour of Q&A on the phone. After that about 20 of us did a virtual World Cafe in Second Life. This image is the recording of the harvest.

Time to disconnect now!Cafe Harvest